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sherry yard

American Chef Sherry Yard

The American Chef Sherry Yard is an inspirational cookbook that promotes a healthy lifestyle. In the book, she shares her vision of the future and how that vision can affect our food industry. Her vision of the future includes gaining the reputation as a champion of healthy foods and more people eating healthy foods. She also feels that the coming years will bring changes to our food industry and it will be one of the most influential areas of industry change.


Her journey to inspire others who want to live a better life began with the burning desire for a better life experience and her life experience. After being diagnosed with uterine cancer, she was determined to take control of her health and her future. As she entered hospice care, she decided to continue writing her memoirs and taking control of her future. She was determined to document her journey and share her story with those who are just like her.


Sherry Yard experiences of dish fatigue and binging have been documented in her memoirs and this has encouraged others who have battled this battle to find a way to overcome their battle. Her story of facing dish fatigue and discovering a diet program to turn her stomach around has encouraged many people to turn their lives around and live a healthier life. She believes that with time and with determination, anyone can make it on their own and live a healthier life.

This book shows the reader just how easy it is to get started in losing weight. It encourages everyone to live a more healthy life, and not to suffer from the pitfalls of pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and many other health problems. It is a must read for all.


This book is a compilation of Sherry’s life stories. Her first memoir, The Sweetest Thyme, was written while she was in the process of recovering from cancer. The second memoir, Sugar, was written when she was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. These books explain how Sherry was able to manage her health so successfully.

Personal Tricks:

The British talk show That’s Life took Sherry Yard and her daughter into the studio to talk about dieting. This autobiography is a behind the scenes look at what her daughter discovered and what was learned by the American chef during that episode. It was inspiring to watch her daughter and Sherry interact.

Helen Keller Award:

Sherry received the award in 2020 from the National Breast Cancer Foundation. She was presented the award for her work in the “Think Healthy Campaign” which was sponsored by the American Heart Association. The American Heart Association is one of the main sponsors of the “Think Healthy” campaign. They believe that if Americans had the knowledge of living a healthier life, they would be in a better position to support our country.

Sherry Yard has many roles in society. She is a very good friend of Michael Jackson, who helped him write the autobiographical memoir called “The King of Soul”. She also writes for his children, his children’s parties and keeps a diary of his life that he inherited from his mother. Sherry truly is an inspiration to us all.

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